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Gozineh Consulting Engineers
Founded in 1988, Gozineh Group is a topnotch leading firm in the realm of built environments in Iran. The multi disciplinary firm represents a well-established variety of capacities and a commitment tao create complete environment ants. Gozineh Group has been providing full service including study. Design, construction, and project management in creation of built environments in the nation and neighbor countries for over than two decades. A prosperous network of hundreds of (state and private) clients and investors is the genuine fortune of Gozineh Group in the professional practice. Ranging from "Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning and Design, Environmental Planning and Design, Tourism Planning and Civil Engineering," the firm 's projects cross disciplines and demonstrate a fully-integrated expertise in the field. The accumulated experience and wealth of knowledge gained through years has made the firm to be a successful land Development firm since last decade
Zafar Commercial Administrative Building   Diplomatic Club-Abgineh mountainous saloon   Office building of Tehran 1st district, 11th district   Khark Airport Terminal Hall
Urban Areas  
Golabdarreh Route Optimization Plan   Mohamaieh Newtown Detailed and Land Preparation Plan   Project Management of Astaneh Neighborhood Optimization and Renovation Plan   Kan Lands Optimization Plan
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